Everyone is prone to pain; Whether you work in construction, health care, administration, education, agricultural or even home duties. Many people choose to see a chiropractor for temporary pain relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, vertigo as well as disc bulges. While acute pain relief is our immediate goal, Dr. Duy at our Spinal Health and Co. Chiropractor Practice in Nambour aims to achieve beyond that. It is our mission to utilise modern technology, studies and chiropractic adjustments to help you with your reoccurring chronic pains. 


Spinal Health and Co. Nambour Chiropractic is a patient centred care practice. Our in depth assessment and examination allows us to better examine and diagnose your pain. We aim to combine modern technology and chiropractic care to help you with your pain and assist you on your journey in optimising your health. 

Our Nambour Chiropractic practice is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (8AM to 7PM), as well as Friday Mornings (8AM to 11AM)Dr. Duy Duong is our Chiropractors at Nambour. Duy is a young and passionate chiropractor wanting to make a difference in the community; Aiming to help those in pain via his knowledge of Chiropractic care. 

 Our Nambour Chiropractor has undergone five years of training in university (Australia) as well as on-going training required by AHPRA. 

Our Chiropractor practice accepts referrals from GP’s for bulk billing Chiropractic services. If you are provided a CDM or EPC plan, you are eligible to be bulk billed for 5 Chiropractic visits a year.

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INITIAL CONSULTATION: It is important to us that we understand what the cause(s) of your symptoms are. During your first visit our immediate goal is to diagnose the issue and find out what we have to do to help.

  • A thorough history will be taken by one of our chiropractor 

  • Full spinal examination. This includes digital postural analysis as well as both neurological and orthopaedic tests. Depending on results, our chiropractor may refer you to a radiological clinic for x-rays. 

  • Motion test

  • Balance test

  • Leg length Assessment

REPORT OF FINDINGS: At your second visit, our Nambour Chiropractor will go through all results in full detail and provide treatment/ advice based on what may be required to correct the cause of your symptom(s). 

REGULAR ADJUSTMENTS: Follow up adjustments may be required to help correct the issue. Our chiropractor (s) may utilise a multimodal approach of techniques to specifically tailor each visit to your presentation. 

  • Chiropractic manual adjustments 

  • Soft tissue therapy 

  • Gentle activator techniques

  • Exercise rehabilitation 

  • Drop piece techniques 

  • Sub-Occipital Techniques (Biomechanical Wedging; Blocks)

PROGRESS EXAMS: We perform progress exams to gauge and understand where your body is at and tailor the care to your body. During your progress exam we re-take digital posture scans, re-evaluate neurological and orthopaedic tests. By comparing new and past results, we are able to identify what is needed in the next phase of treatment.