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Chiropractic Assistant Bundaberg

Kenny Chung was born and raised in Melbourne along with his four older siblings. Prior to joining Spinal Health & Co. Chiropractic, Kenny was contracting in the security work force for three years. Kenny has experience in multiple industries including retail, customer service and Security! During his university years, Kenny studied at Swinburne University of Technology for his Bachelor in design, where he discovered his love for 3D modelling and miniature painting. 

At a young age, Kenny had developed an interest in Information Technology (IT) and video games. Kenny enjoys reminding us of how awesome he is one of the top players on Dota 2, Street Fighter V and Mass Effect! Video games aside, Kenny likes to delve into the fantasy world created by his favourite author, Brandon Sanderson. 

IT, 3D modelling, videos games and fantasy novels aren't Kenny's only passion; artists who are most inspirational to him are Bobby Chiu, Adam Duff, Ethan Becker and Stanley Lau.

Kenny Chung is now here in Central Queensland to enjoy the summer heat and help assist the community in learning more about Chiropractic Care.

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