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Chiropractor at Spinal Health and Co. Chiropractic. Gladstone

Dr. Hoang Nguyen graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a double bachelor in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic). Dr. Hoang is driven to help patients reach full potential with knowledgeable and proactive chiropractic support.


Dr. Hoang chose to become a Chiropractor after witnessing his beloved mother improve after seeing a Chiropractor for her headache and neck pain. Prior to her Chiropractic care, it seemed that his mother could not live a day without taking a variety of medicines. After going from one clinic to the other, finally his mother saw outstanding improvements at a Chiropractor’s practice. This is still an unforgettable experience for Dr. Hoang, as nothing is more meaningful than seeing a smile being put back on his mother’s face.


Dr. Hoang has since dedicated his study and work to help people restore and maintain the health of the spine and the nervous system in order to support the body’s natural healing ability. He is highly skilled and experienced in the art of adjusting all of the joints of the spine which reduces the effects of chronic or acute trauma and biomechanical instability. 


Outside of Chiropractic, Dr. Hoang is also holding a certificate of Massage Therapy and Acupressure awarded by the prestigious University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Saigon, Vietnam.


Dr. Hoang’s motto is “I’m happy that you’re happy”